Note how different the patterns are on each carapace!
A juvenile turtle!  Very unusual to find one of these.  This one was found by Brian Houser of Wallkill on our property along Old Ford Road in Gardiner.  Brian, a wildlife biologist. knew the importance of his find and notified us.


This male was found by Clay Spencer in his backyard on Clove Road in Gardiner.

The turtle on the right was also found on Clove Road by Clay. How different it is.





These two photos of Alpha, turtle #1, were taken by Lisa Knaus, who found her 2/3 mile away spring 2010, called the DEC since she was wearing a transmitter, and they called us!



This beautifully detailed male was found on May 24, 2011 by Peg Lotvin on Long Lane near to entrance to the Shawangunk Wildlife Refuge.  Here are right and left views.



Here is a turtle found by James A. Culp on River Park June 2, 2011



This old male was found by Joe Bridges on June 5, 2010, at 1208 Old Post Road

Two turtles seen around 5:30 pm June 28, 2013. They were mating this past May 5th about 25 feet from where Joe saw them this day. He first saw the darker female on the left  in May, 2010 also about 25 feet from where seen now.






Scurrying across River Park was this handsome turtle spotted on July 5, 2011 by Denise Edkins , who quickly grabbed her camera and hopped out of the car..


On August 19, 2012 Michele Stormer of Stella Drive found a box turtle in the groundcover near the steps to her front door.  Not sure of its condition, she called us.  I sent Diggy and Anzac to find the turtle in the thick groundcover, and Diggy quickly located a very handsome, healthy male.








A beautiful photo of a male taken on June 28, 2013 in Chappaqua by Alex Fijman.  Note the bright red eye.  "It was a joy to see him."


Probably a female about to lay, found in Mark Albrecht's yard on Albany Post Road, June 9, 2013



Note the peeling scutes on this turtle found by Drew Kochis on Old Ford Road on May 29, 2013.


This turtle was found in May, 2013 by Nora Scarlett, who lives on Sparkling Ridge Road.

A male found by Nora in June at the Awosting Reserve. 



This is Sam, a female who has lived with Salley Decker for 47 years!  They live in Poughkeepsie but I am including them because Salley has been to all five of our Turtle Days :-)



This turtle was found by Laura Rose on Halcyon Road in Gardiner.  Laura has found four other turtles this year. (2010)


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