We  found 15 new turtles this year, beginning with a bonanza period from May 2-7 when 15 turtles, including some repeaters, were found in our rear field.

We also tracked #25 who emerged from hibernation with her transmitter, and we attached transmitters to #1 and #26.

We found nine nests destroyed by predators, and did not witness any laying of eggs.

All three turtles with transmitters are now in their hybernacula.   #1 traveled 2/3 mile from our field to lay her eggs, and then immediately made the trip back!

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Our total number of individual turtles is now up to 54.

We recovered all three transmitters and attached new ones to the same turtles.  #1 made the same trek to River Park and back.  The other two also traveled routes similar to their routes of last year.

We found no signs of predation, which was odd.  No egg laying either.

We witnessed two matings.


Our total number of individual turtles is now 66.

We identified four nests, protected them, and released seven hatchlings.  Found no predation.


We found only one predated nest, observed no nestings

High of the season was the finding of the juvenile by Glenn Proudfoot on Turtle Day

#38 was diagnosed with a severe head injury and has been in rehab since

Saw one mating

Attached no transmitters

Released three #38 boarded yearlings


Total now 82 (12 new)

No signs of predation or nesting

This was the year of the yearlings and juveniles-5! Yearling #80  Two-year-olds: Meeny #71, Moe #73, Glenn #67, #82


Total:  90 (8 new)

No signs of predation or nesting

Another year of young turtles!:  #82; #84 (8-10 years); "Mo", daughter of #38; #86 H9, hatchling 9 of #20; #87 unknown five year old

3 woodcock nests on Turtle Day

#10, Caroline, killed by DEP mowing of aqueduct Sept. 30


Total 95 (5 new)

One nest (#93) No signs of predation

One juvenile found (#87)

Only 17 turtles recovered

#51 killed by neighbor mowing

#91 missing foot


Total 103 (6 new)

One nest protected, no hatchlings

21 turtles recovered including juvenile #87

#9 found dead on road-first time seen since 2007

Please Brake for Turtles, signs placed on road


    TURTLE DAY 2009:


 Laura Heady and Tanessa Hartwig photo a find.

Five turtles found, one by Lewis Edelman


  TURTLE DAY  MAY 16, 2010                                                                                            

               Two turtles found, by Salley Decker and David Mead              


                                                                                                  photo by Laura Heady                                                                 photo by Laura Heady



                          Parker Redfern and #37                                                 Haley Ganzer and #37

TURTLE DAY  May 14, 2011:  Seven turtles, found by Andrew Currier, Alison Nash, Don Christian, Christie DeBoer, Joey Brunning, and Ray Smith.



  Parker IDs Caroline, #10         Joey Brunning discovers #12 and #40!             Who is it?                                                                        

   photo by Laura Heady                          photo by Joe Bridges                                                            photo by Laura Heady


photo by Rene Ramos                                                                                                     photo by Rene Ramos


TURTLE DAY  May 12, 2012:  Nine turtles, found by Salley Decker, Heather Caristo, Jonathan Smith, Ray Rowher, Kathy Ezell (2), and Lou Yess (3)



Haley Ganzer, photo by Marjorie Beutel    Markko Friberg, photo by Allison Friberg    Joyce Yess, Peg Lotvin and Angela Sisson, photo by Joe Bridges

TURTLE DAY  May 11, 2013 Ten turtles found including one new one and a juvenile!


               two year old juvenile                          Glenn Proudfoot and Joe Bridges                 Weighing our juvenile


TURTLE DAY May 10, 2014 Three turtles found by Joe Bridges, Ray Smith, and Sam Barek/Monica Manalo


                        Introducing Mo                                                                                    Releasing Mo                                                                           Joe with #10 and Sam


TURTLE DAY MAY 9, 2015  Three turtles found by Anka Amgrist, Paul Friberg and Ray Smith




Photos by Bruce Whistance, Joe Bridges and Christie DeBoer                                                                                                                     Woodcock chick


TURTLE DAY 2016  Two turtles found by Lee Rosenthal and Angel Gonzales

Photos by Ray Smith


              Angel and #91                                                             Bernice Hummel and #31                                                     #91 Missing left front foot



TURTLE Day May 6, 2017  Eight turtles found, two new ones

Photos by Joe Bridges


                                  Beth Herr and #97                                                               Patrick Millar                                                                            #97


TURTLE Day May 5, 2018  11 turtles found by Angel Gonzelas, Julia Palmer, Kendall O'Connell and Jackie Gilbert


               Kendall O'Connell  (photo by Bill Volckmann)                  Joe Bridges and Julia Palmer (photo by Christie DeBoer)      Jose Moreno-Lacalle (photo by Christie DeBoer)