driveway near bend                                           shale road                               #25 digging one of her many holes

We observed two nestings in 2009.  Many holes were dug on our driveway but the nests that we found were on the shale road, just feet away from this bend. 



        The four eggs above were laid by #10  (Caroline) on June 19, 2009 at 8 pm about 185 paces south of the driveway bend.  (Joe and I began observing at 7 pm)   By 9:30 pm they were covered. 

      #10 turtle was  first found on June 12, 2007 at 4:30 pm near the bend. Cattledog Anzac monitored her until 7:45 pm as she headed towards the shale road.  Now, get this- in 2009 she was found on the same date-June 12- and in the exact same spot!   On June 13 she was still at the bend, in a form.


       I began observing turtle #5 (Randi) on June 23 on the shale road, north of the bend by several hundred feet.  She dug many, many holes for almost a month.  I did not photograph her because I was afraid I was disturbing her since she stayed in one spot for hours.  I went out almost every night and she was always there.  On July 19 I found her still on the nest at 6:30 am.  At 2:30 pm the same day there were six eggs in an uncovered nest. Was she too exhausted to cover them?  I covered the nest but by 7 am the following morning the nest had been plundered.

This turtle was first found on June 19, 2006 at 9:30 am by our son, Randy, in our yard close to the house.



Here is Joe building a proper turtle cage for #20. He and I saw her digging on May 30. The next morning I discovered that the hole had been covered so I probed gently. Yes! Eggs! We also saw her copulating in the rear of the big field on May 10.


Layer 1 for #38 June 10 with layer 2 in background       Eleven eggs!!!!!! for incubation              Dog crate for #25 June 20 at the shale pit


#42 July 5 at home of Rob Doyle                        Melanistic turtle  8:30 am covering eggs             Rob's nest protector



Turtle covering eggs


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